We dont't just resell software we offer
a complete software solution

Software Solution Break down
  • Software sales
  • Software integrations services
  • Consultation Services - help you select the software
  • Support services - patch, management
  • Software training for your staff

Vincom Offers the best Software solution to help your business

Software sales
We provide the software your business needs to boost efficiency, reduce time, save you money and many other benefits. The software we provide are Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems, DacEasy, Peachtree, Aldelo, Norton, McAfee, Quickbook and Microsoft Windows.
Client satisfaction
Software implementation services

We have a staff of professionals that are ready to help you with your installation needs, we are on call for you, when you need us to answer any queries you might have about the software application you purchase from us.



Consultation Services - help you select the software

We help answer all your IT related questions and guide you to the right solution. Our advice is always timely and relevant. you will be amazed how fast your needs are meets. If you need consultation services on networking, software, parts for your computer and any other IT related query Vincom is the right chose for you.

Advice Accuracy


Support services - patch, management

Vincom Limited provides excellent support for our products or services when you need it. We provide assistance by way of you calling us with your question/s, our knowledgeable front desk personnel will answer any question/s you have or pass them onto to our technicians. Our technicians will be on call to help you resolve any issues you have with the products you get from us.

Client satisfaction
Software training for your staff

We provide comprehensive training to the staff of the companies that purchase our products. We make sure that our client's staff members are equipped with the knowledge they need to get their jobs done properly with aid our products.

Training Success


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